Publisher & curator ~ Teka-Lark

A curator of literary and art events. She publishes the Brickbat Revue broadsheet and runs the Brickbat Revue Studio in the Brewery Art Colony where she hosts avant-garde literary events. She lives in Inglewood, California.

Arbor Vitae Editor ~ Wanjiku Stella Ngigi
Is a long time photographer, audio recorder, future sound mixer, urban explorer and full time cyclist. She venture into places, groups, and scenes without trepidation for the purpose of becoming well rounded.

Meet Me on Central Editor ~ Elaine Molyneux
She loves clothes and shoes more than food. A long time fashionista and industry insider.

Literary Salon Editor ~ Jaha Zainabu
To check out musings, poetry and other things please visit
To read poetry and stories please visit

Contributor ~ Autumn
The lovely brain behind The Retro Natural, the first natural hair blog dedicated to styling naturally textured hair in retro styles from the past. Visit her over at The Retro Natural. 

Contributor ~ Nicole Sconiers
The author of Escape from Beckyville: Tales of Race, Hair and Rage, a darkly comedic collection of short stories that take place in a futuristic Los Angeles. For more information, visit her website

Contributor ~ RD Fleming
Has spent two decades working in most every facet of print: publishing, writing, photography, editing and print production. From books, to newspapers, to magazines, to pamphlets, to posters, to album artwork, he has done it all and continues to do it. A former magazine publisher (Angry Thoreauan, 1987-2001), he has also contributed to a great many books, periodicals and newspapers in Los Angeles and New York.

Contributor ~ McCristol Harris III
Thankful IAM a creation creature dressed to the nines in charm school street smarts a simple design by that that is divine.

Contributor ~ Zoe Blaq
Zoe Blaq is a published writer and freelance artist who continues to redefine herself through mixed media projects and community activism. Find out more about her endeavors: and