This is the third edition of Inglewoodland. Thank you so much for continuing to read us. In this issue we have poetry by Conney Williams, Jaha Zainabu, Jasmine Powers and Valerie Bridgeman. We also have a new fashion column, Five Pieces by Elaine Molyneux who interviews Sweet Leigh’s designer and owner Vanessa Leigh. We have prose by Zoe Blaq. We talk to artists Willie Middlebrook and Holly Tempo. We recap the Last Bookstore’s Read, Black and Green event. We ask a question at Rebecca Walker’s Black Cool reading at the Eso Won Bookstore and we tell a story about Inglewood’s Still Water reading series, which featured the Watts Prophets. Wanjikũ our Arbor Vitae Editor graces us with a great photo essay of the Major Motion Cycling Club.    Wanjikũ and Teka-Lark team up for the Loyola Marymount Comic and Science Fiction Panel on Race with Wanjikũ on pictures and Teka-Lark doing a pre-panel podcast with Brandon Easton author of Shadowlaw and writer on ThunderCats. RD Fleming continues his prose series, Downtown Diaries about incidents that may or may not have happened in the 1990s.

McCristol and Teka-Lark have a conversation about Free Money.

We also have a new community bulletin section where we cover people who are doing good.

This issue we’re covering Message Media Ed they’re trying to grow a library, so let us help them.

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